Another popular snack, known as "coffin toast," is a much more recent invention. Although it first appeared less than 20 years ago, this snack has become an established favorite, especially in the Hsiaopei Arcade.
  In Chinese cooking, dishes almost always have auspicious names. But in a small stroke of marketing genius, the proprietor of one stall decided to give this snack a macabre name. Coffin ToastWhile no doubt putting off some people, this strange appellation drew the attention of many others, and made the snack a bigger hit than it otherwise might have been.
  The coffin toast snacks are made by deep frying inch-thick slices of bread. These slices are then hollowed out and a thick sauce made of chicken, vegetables and milk is poured into the cavity. The lid of the "coffin" is then replaced, and the snack is ready to be served.

Coffin Toast